What is Food Truck CEO?

It's a game where you can manage your own food production and sale. 

Already implemented:

- Plant and harvest vegetables

- Take milk from cows

- Kill cows to get meat

- Produce cheese from cows

Currently, there's no way to sell your food, just the production line is available.

There are SO MANY THINGS that i want to implement to the game, but for now, it's just an idea. Here's a list:

- Sell hamburguers, drinks and french fries.


- Upgrade every thing in the food truck, the crops and the cheese machine.

- Rare cows can show up on the delivery truck, giving extra food/milk when killed.

- Timer to complete money goals. 

- Achivements and level.

And more.

How to Play

Your cows will arrive every 10 seconds. When they grow up, you can talk their milk (for cheese production) or kill then to get meat. 

To produce milk, you need to drag drop the bottle on the cows. 

To plant you just need to drag drop the seeds on the farming spots. To crop, just click on them (when finished).


Who are you and what u want with this project?

I'm a brazilian indie developer (sorry for the bad english), and CURRENTLY, i don't pretend to keep developing this project, BUT, depending on the reception of the community (and the donations LOL) i can finish this game.


E-mail: playandup@hotmail.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Play-And-Up-267263789989298/


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